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Writing Citations To The Web
Digital pen and paper (DPP) for faster, more efficient, data capture
Integrated camera phone provides proof and uploads citations to the web
Fully hosted online platform decreases personnel time spent on payments and appeals
Back-end data management with customized analytical reports
As your partner in citations management, vCitePIus provides your organization with an elegant solution for
complete citation management from issuance to remittance. Features include
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Equipped with a digital pen, citation book and cell
phone, officers can handwrite tickets and beam the data
directly to the web.

Velosum's engineers recreate your existing citations
with slight modifications to enhance handwriting
recognition and print the citations with a nearly invisible
dot pattern. As the officer writes with the digital pen the
digital pattern, Iicensed from digital pen and paper leader
Anoto, captures each stroke. After completing the form,
a simple check in the "send" box automatically beams
the data to the cell phone via BIuetooth. The cell phone
is used to take up to 9 photographs of the vehicle and the
offense location, and the complete citation is uploaded
to the web.

Velosum provides both motorist and administrative
portals. Motorists may view, appeal or pay the citation
immediately. Authorized personnel may view analytical
reports that track citations, appeals, scoff violators and
Digital Pen & Paper (DPP)
Applied in the vCitePlus system,
the digital pen is a powerful tooI. It
is faster, easier to use, and more
accurate than handheld devices
and can be put into the hand of
any officer with less than fifteen
minutes of training. Further, the
ergonomic use lowers risk of
repetitive injuries to officers and
increases productivity. Customers
switching from handhelds to the vCitePIus system
have seen over 25% increases in tickets written per
officer. CIick here for the full case study.
Data Collection & Management
The Anoto digital pen and paper allows the capture
and digitalization of handwritten data without any
rekeying! The data is provided in three formats: the
original ticket as it was written, a digital version of the
ticket for verification, and an XML version for database
Scofflaw Alerts
The reaI-time transfer of data
between the officer and the
vCitePIus system enables instant
alerts for scofflaw violations,
allowing an officer to tow or boot
flagrant offenders. Scofflaw alerts
may be custom set to any criteria
specified by the organization.
Citation Validation
Incomplete or incorrect information on a citation is
one of the most prevalent reasons for appealed and
dismissed tickets. vCitePIus' reaI-time data transfer
solves this issue by alerting officers to invalid or
incomplete information on the citation before the
officer has left the area. The officer is able to amend
the citation preserving the validity and incoming

Officers use an
integrated camera
phone and can
take up to nine
pictures of the
offending vehicle. The
violation can be tagged
to its GPS Iocation. The
pictures and GPS tag are
automatically attached to the citation. It is upIoaded
to the organization's web portal where it can be
viewed by the cited motorist. The power of
photographic proof persuades most motorists to
pay the citation immediately. In a year long case
study, only 1% of tickets were dismissed, and just
2% were reduced. CIick here for the full case study.
Back-End Integration
Parking management has all the data at their
fingertips, available in reaI-time. Velosum provides a
suite of management tools that allows administrators
to track and monitor the productivity of their officers,
identify trends, manage budgets, and a host of
others applications including custom reports.
Motorist Portal: On-line Viewing,
Payment, & Appeals
Cited motorists are directed to a web portaI, hosted
by Velosum, where they can view the complete
ticket, including photos, and choose to pay or
appeaI. This option has been very popular with
both the motorists and parking organizations. The
processing of on-Iine payments and appeals is
very efficient for the parking organization and can
free up staff time for more pressing responsibilities.
Irrefutable Proof: Photo & GPS Support
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