Through a licensing agreement with digital pen and paper leader, Anoto Group AB, Velosum has secured the right to print Anoto digital pattern. Combined with our proprietary technology we create core platforms for our clients that capture, transfer and translate handwritten data.

Our technology imbeds your forms with digital pattern and facilitates the transfer and translation of your handwritten data. For our customers, this means we can digitize your existing forms so your employees continue business as usuaI, but your data is now immediately available. This "digital paper" Iooks like any type of ordinary paper, except that it contains a patent-protected dot pattern giving it a slight grey tint.

The digital pen contains an integrated infra red camera that takes 50 photographs per second of the dot pattern on the form as the user writes. The pen places a date/time stamp on every stroke providing a complete audit traiI.

The pen is capable of storing up to 150 full letter size pages of handwritten data; however, in order to achieve reaI-time transfer, Velosum's systems use a cell phone to upload the data from the pen to a secure web portaI. This process is as simple as checking the "send" box provided at the end of each form.

We have developed our own handwriting recognition software, as well as utilizing free-ware from various vendors to provide handwriting recognition and transfer. We offer our clients conversion into their preferred format (PDF, GIF, XML, etc.) to meet any system requirements and integrate into the back-end for processing and analysis.

In order to truly appreciate the benefits of digital pen and paper technology, schedule a demonstration.

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