In January 2008, Provo launched vCitePlus, a new parking citation management platform engineered by Velosum, Inc. Provo’s goal was to replace older handhelds with a more efficient and intuitive issuance solution. In the first five months of the 2008-2009 fiscal budget, Provo was pleasantly surprised with a surplus of $163,000 in parking revenues that kept Provo $44,000 in the black overall.

Provo is the center of Utah County (population of 480,000) and home to the second largest private university in the nation, Brigham Young University (BYU). Provo implemented vCitePlus to manage issuance, adjudication, collections and motorist payments. It provided a complete citation management tool superior to their legacy handheld system.

vCitePlus, a Service-as-a-Software (SaaS) application, provides complete control of parking management. Utilizing Anoto digital pen and paper technology, Officers issue handwritten citations that are uploaded in real-time to a secure Internet portal. The digital pen captures the data as the officer writes a citation and with a stroke of the pen the issued citation, with its accompanying photos and GPS coordinates, is uploaded for immediate resolution. vCitePlus’ integrated platform provides web based payments, electronic appeals, and an automated service for sending collection notices.

The intuitive digital pen and integrated camera allowed officers to begin using the new system immediately. The two-way, real-time transfer of data allows additional features for officers such as electronic “chalking” and alerts for scofflaw infringements. Scoff-law alerts increase tow or boot violations and thereby generate additional violation revenue. Provo’s officers have been quick to adopt the system and are more efficient, writing on average 29% more citations per officer using vCitePlus.

Immediately after the citation is issued, the Justice Court has the citation and its attached photographic and GPS evidence online. This evidence has dramatically decreased appeals to less than 10% of all issued citations. Today, Provo dismisses less than 1% and reduces less than 3% of all citations.

vCitePlus also benefits the cited motorist. Since their citation is available in real-time, there is no need to wait days to settle. Motorists may immediately view the issued citation, including photos, and pay or appeal online. The web-based motorist portal has proved very popular in Provo with an average of 48% of cited motorists paying on-line. Online payments are so efficient the court also uses the interface to settle walk-in or phone payments.

Overdue collection notices are more manageable using vCitePlus. When a citation reaches thirty days overdue, the DMV information for the vehicle is collected by a system partnership with FatPot, and a collections letter is generated. Multiple collection letters can be sent and, in Provo, at 180 days the accounts are automatically sent to a third party collection agency. Collection rates increased from an average of 65% to 82%, and the additional fines associated with overdue tickets increased the average amount paid from $24 to $36 per citation.

These efficiencies have allowed the city to issue nearly 400 more tickets per month and increase collection to above 82% without adding headcount. According to Jody Meyer, director of Court Collections, “We love the online option! I don’t know how we would have handled the increased workload without adding staff. The online option has definitely helped us keep our personnel costs down.” In fact, prior to implementing the system, Provo Justice Court had plans to hire an additional clerk, but the position has remained vacant. Meyer states that the “success of the online option was a significant reason we didn’t fill that position.” Overall, Provo has increased their parking revenues by 41% and that surplus has helped the city remain in the black.
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Provo, UT Case Study
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