Parking Enforcement

1. An officer, upon encountering a violation, uses an Android or iPhone cellular device with the vCiteMobile application installed. They make a quick scan of the QR code.

2. The app's license plate and VIN fields allow them to read and photograph numbers in one step. Photos are added to photo evidence and vehicle and violation data is entered into the device.

3. The officer rapidly enters all other information through the use of search and
drop-down functions.

4. Photo evidence is added easily with app integration with the native camera functions of the opperating system.

5. The officer reviews all data, makes corrections, if needed, then uploads to the vcitemobile server.

6. A copy of the citation is marked and placed on the violators windshield.*

*vCiteMobile offers three methods for creating a citation. 1. A pre-printed ticket with duplicate. 2. A a ticket produced with a mobile Bluetooth printing device. 3. A ticket produced in the office for mailing.
Velosum Enforcement Management Systems
PenformsUSA, Inc.
Ogden, Utah