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Narragansett Approves Leading Edge System for Seasonal Enforcement
Tuesday, January 17, 2012
"Velosum provides back-end data management with customizable analytical reports. This product is meant to increase the Police Department’s productivity as well as reduce or eliminate the data entry of parking tickets..."
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Yakima Adopts Online Payments with vCitePlus
Tuesday, December 27, 2011
A new online system for paying or contesting Yakima parking tickets should make the process easier for violators, city officials say. "It's pretty slick, pretty up-and-coming. Works fast," ......
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Danville Parking Tickets Go High Tech
Friday, February 26, 2010
"This will save a lot of time on both entering tickets and handling the initial part of the appeals process," said Director of Code Enforcement Bridgette Milby. "Once a ticket is generated, it goes up online. Someone can look at the picture and all of the documentation and if they decide to appeal they can do that in writing instantly..."....
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Brookline Cops Say They're Catching Up with Parking-Ticket Delinquents
Thursday, February 4, 2010
"When Brookline Police towed a car with more than $1,000 in unpaid parking tickets the other day, officers found an unexpected bonus: Besides the car already impounded, the owner had two other vehicles wanted for outstanding parking tickets. The woman, who eventually paid all the tickets on the towed car, is among a growing number of parking-ticket delinquents police have finally tracked down with the help of new high-tech devices purchased last year....
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Digital Pen Documents Parking Violations: Drivers Pay Fine Online
Monday September 21, 2009
"Many cities use electronic equipment to issue parking citations, but Provo has a system where the officer writes ink onto the ticket with a high-tech pen and that data is automatically uploaded to the city's database of parking violators...
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Provo Using High-Tech Ticket System
Friday September 19, 2009
"The city's Justice Court is finding the pen is a mighty weapon in fighting parking violators. Not just any ballpoint, mind you. This one, from Sandy-based Velosum, is equipped with a camera and a BIuetooth connection that allows parking officers to instantaneously transmit parking citations to the court's computer system...
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Parking Tickets in Provo Go Digital
Friday September 18, 2009
"It's still unpleasant to get a parking ticket in Provo, but it's easier to pay the fine or file an appeaI. Thanks to a system that uses a digital pen to write the citation and send the information to a Web site at the same time, people can pay that pesky fine from the comfort of their home...
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Velosum Parking in Provo
Wednesday June 3, 2009
"High-tech parking is making enforcing easier, paying easier, but getting out of a ticket much harder. The Velosum parking system is changing the way police enforce parking and fight gang violence...
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With new technology, Brookline police beam parking tickets straight to the Web
Thursday ApriI 30, 2009
"We were hoping to find a good technology to give to these people when they do their agging," said Chief Daniel O'Leary. "It will eliminate data entry on 80,000 tickets a year."....
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Provo Public Safety Revenues Up
Wednesday December 17, 2009
"The amount of money that Provo commuters are paying in traffic tickets and court fees this year far surpasses the city's expectations, buoying an otherwise troubled budget...

Holyoke Unveils High Tech Parking Ticket System
Wednesday August 27, 2008
"I was looking for a system that the officer could issue a citation and it would instantly upload in the computer system," police Chief Anthony R. Scott said...
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