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Why am I receiving a “No Accounts Found” message?
Receiving a “No Accounts Found” message often results from incorrectly entering the license plate associated with the citation. Ensure you are entering the license plate number with no spaces and no state abbreviations.

If you have double checked your citation number and license plate and are still receiving a “No Accounts Found” message, it could be because the citation has not yet been entered into the system. If the citation was written in the last 24 hours, please wait, and try again 2 business days after issuance. If the citation is older than 2 business days, please email or call our customer support team.

I do not have my citation number, how can I log in to pay my citation?
The only way to get your citation number is to call or email our customer support team. Please have your vehicle license plate number and state ready as this is how we will locate your account.

Why am I receiving a “Payment Error” while trying to pay my citation online?
The most common error while paying a citation is not entering the correct billing address for the particular credit card you are using. Please double check this first. The billing information must match for your protection. If you have submitted a payment with incorrect billing information, a hold may be temporarily place on those funds by your bank; however, you will not be charged.

If you are still having trouble paying, please contact our customer support team.

I received a “Payment received but not applied” error after submitting my payment online. What should I do?
A communication interruption in the message processing for our credit card provider has been giving this error. If you receive a “Payment received but not applied” error after submitting payment, please double check that the payment has been applied to your citation account. If your account shows the payment has been applied, consider the payment applied and have a great day. Otherwise, or if you have any additional questions, please contact our customer service team.
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