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General Overview

Vcitemobile is a "software is a service" (SAAS) based business management platform. Clients receive custom portals for managing citations and violator payments.

Clients gain access to the system by purchasing a license.

Vcitemobile's revenue is derived in three ways; by modest monthly or yearly license fees, by ticket printing and processing, and by convenience fees from credit card portal payments.

The company's objective is to provide economical services to small and medium size municipalies, universities, and other public agencies.

The VciteMobile system can be adapted to serve many different enforcment applications; parking, code, weed abatement, gang management, fire, etc.
Company History

Vcitemobile is a product name created by PenformsUSA, Inc, a
Utah-based company founded in 2011. In 2021, after several years of new product development, PenformsUSA dropped previous technology and it's hardware to adopt a propietary method of using mobile devices for data collection. We are a company dedicated to providing affordable and powerful tools for organizations in the public service and law enforcement sectors.
PenformsUSA, Inc.
VciteMobile Divison
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Harmon Jensen, PenformsUSA, Inc.
Tamara Jensen, Directort VciteMobile
Velosum Enforcement Management Systems
PenformsUSA, Inc.
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