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Velosum - Company Overview
We know any form of behavior change is difficult and requires a costly change in retraining and process re-engineering. Velosum's core services address these issues by utilizing Anoto digital pen and paper technology to transform plain paper into a real-time digital platform that is seamlessly connected to our web-based transaction management service.

Velosum provides the first end-to-end solution that delivers real-time, paper-based document and workflow automation with fully integrated web-based transactional management. If this sounds great, but you would like to see how it could improve your business, contact a sales representative to schedule a live, online demontration of the technology and services provided.

Velosum is the nation's only provider of mobile, real-time forms-dependent workforce automation using patented and propietary digital pen technology. Velosum was organized in 2002 with a company wide mission to make it both cost effective and intuitive to automate mobile workforce paper dependent processes. We believe the choice to automate a process and still use paper should not be mutually exclusive. In fact, we have built the entire Velosum solution based on the critical fact that people depend on their paper based forms and processes and will typically chose paper over hardware if given the choice.

Velosum is a division of
PenformsUSA, Inc. with offices in Centerville, Utah.
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