Code Enforcement
Velosum Enforcement Management Systems
PenformsUSA, Inc.
P.O. Box 873
Ogden, Utah 84402

1. A code inspector, upon encountering a violation, uses an Android or iPhone cellular device with the vCiteMobile application installed, and scans QR code to identify citation number.

2. Inspector searches in-app property locator module which will return the parcel ID based upon the address selected.*

3. Intuitively add unlimited photo evidence from within the app.

4. The officer reviews all data, makes corrections, if needed, then uploads to the vcitemobile server.

5. A copy of the citation can be marked and placed in a suitable location or mailed to the violator.**

*This process requires authority to access agency databases.

**vCiteMobile offers three methods for creating a citation. 1. A pre-printed ticket with duplicate. 2. A a ticket produced with a mobile Bluetooth printing device. 3. A ticket produced in the office for mailing.