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Citation Photo Support Increases Revenues by Reducing Appeals
You are not alone! Almost all parking organizations accept that a significant percentage of all parking citations will be reduced or dismissed, resulting in lost revenue to the operation budget.

Until now!

vCitePlus’ citation management platform significantly reduces appeals by allowing parking officers to digitally write a citation, take multiple pictures of the infraction, tag its GPS location, and then securely transmit it via the cellular network to the Internet. Photo support offers irrefutable proof and validates the infraction thereby protecting parking revenue. You can argue with staff but you can not argue with a picture of your vehicle parked in front of a fire hydrant!

The cited motorist is directed to the organizations secure web-site where they can view their citation with its associated photo documentation. Once reviewed most motorists realize they are caught “red-handed” and pay the ticket immediately. Should the motorist persist, an on-line appeal may be completed which is reviewed and resolved by staff on-line. Decisions can be made fairly and quickly without motorist drama.

In a yearlong case study of a city that issued 18,000 citations electronic appeals represented less than 10% of all issued citations. Less than 1% of all tickets were dismissed and less than 2.3% were reduced in some way. Photo documentation also minimized the overall reduction amounts and on-line appeals expedited the citation process allowing staff to focus on other more pressing priorities. Revenue increased 41% year over year creating an unexpected but much appreciated budget overage of $160K for the first 7 months of the year.

To learn more about vCitePlus, to see a web demonstration, or receive a proposal, contact a sales representative or call 801-810-2904.
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