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Parking management has become a difficult and complex business. Although technology has solved some problems it has created many others. The dominant technology, hand-held issuance systems, are costly to operate and on-going training, maintenance, repair, citation downloading gone awry, and poor ergonomic designs have kept these devices from delivering the performance promised.

How do you get the promises of a handheld with ease and use of pen and paper?

vCitePlus is a complete citation solution that utilizes Anoto digital pen and paper technology to achieve the simplicity of handwritten citations with the sophistication of digital data capture and transfer. Simply write a citation, check the “Send Box”, and it will be apparent how Velosum has engineered time-saving and revenue-protecting technology into the citation as it is beamed, via Bluetooth, to the officer’s cell phone where photo support and GPS tagging are added. In real-time it is securely delivered to a web portal where a cited motorist can view their citation and its photo support. Motorists often see that they were caught “red-handed” and pay immediately on-line.

vCitePlus includes on its standard offering; photo documentation, GPS tagging, bi-directional SCOFF notifications for flagrant boot and tow offenses, citation validation to eliminate officer errors, on-line appeals and adjudication, settlement, collection notification, reporting, and on-line motorist payment. All of this is delivered to Velosum’s customers at 40%-60% less than the price of a handheld solution.

vCitePlus is intuitive and officers can hit the street and begin writing citations with less than fifteen minutes of training. Digital pen and paper are ergonomic, fast, accurate, and easy to use which results in more citations written per officer with less risk of repetitive injuries.

To learn more about vCitePlus, to see a web demonstration, or receive a proposal, contact a sales representative or call 801-810-2904
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